Fabulous Prefabs

If you own land, or are able to purchase a buildable lot, there are many opportunities for building your own home. Generally called “factory-built homes,” most of the work is completed in a climate-controlled manufacturing facility. Delivery and completion timetables let homebuyers move into their new home much sooner than with a traditional “stick-built” home.

Today’s prefabricated home-building materials are durable, non-toxic, sustainably sourced, and designed for optimum energy efficiency. You will find homes that are Energy Star Certified, as well as homes ready for Net Zero and Zero Carbon.

Today’s “modular” and “manufactured” homebuilders offer an expanding range of styles, including high-end designs with custom-built look.

“Prefab kits” are affordable and available for quick delivery to your site. Most manufacturers  offer a “turnkey” buying options, and assembly can completed by the homebuyer or the manufacturer’s team. Plumbing and electrical wiring, however, must be completed by licensed contractors.

It’s all explained in Live in a Home that Pays You Back.

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