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U.S. News and World Report 1/8/21

Best first-time homebuyer loans

Why use a mortgage calculator


Garden Destinations 11/12/20

Agrihoods: a new trend in lifestyle living


Detroit News 11/12/20

Boomers are drawn to sustainable lifestyle


Triangle Gardeners

Agrihood story-Triangle Gardener-Nov-Dec20


Life Lessons Over 50 10/9/20

The Popularity of Agrihoods


The Simple Dollar 10/2/20

First Time Homebuyer Loans


Growing America 10/1/20

All is Good in the Agrihood


Next Advisor 9/3/20

It’s a great time to get a mortgage if you have the right credit score


Forbes  8/18/20

Mortgage Delinquencies Spike Due to Covid-19: What To Do if You Can’t Pay Your Loan


AXIOS  8/1320

The Pandemic Real Estate Market


MSN Money  8/11/20

You can get a mortgage when you’re self employed–here’s how.


Money Magazine 7/24/20

Don’t Have Enough Money for a Down Payment?


Bankrate 7/2/20

What is a Prepayment Penalty?


Fox Business News 4/10/20

Adjustable Rate Mortgages Advantages


The Washington Post 3/27/20

Understand the Loan Terms When Applying for a Mortgage


NeighborWho  3/26/20

What is a leasehold property?


Policy Genius 2/10/20

What’s the best way to pay for home renovations?


Chicago Defender 2/1/20

Property is power, and Millennials are buying property


Chicago Tribune 1/29/20

Millennial Homebuyers challenged with down payments and inventory


Log Home Living 1/18/20

This book is a must for anyone with home finance questions


Michigan Chronical 1/9/20

Millennials and Buying Property


Apartment Therapy 1/6/20

Why experts say 43 is the magic number potential homeowners should know


Dallas News 12/28/19

Adding an accessory dwelling unit on your property may be worth it


The Simple Dollar 12/18/19

A First Time Home Buyer’s Guide


Mortgage Media 12/16/19

The Top Five Stories of the Year


The Source 11/8/19

Millennials on the move


The Mortgage Reports 10/30/19

Low rates make home buying more affordable than almost three years


Ownerly 10/25/19 

Is now a good time to refinance your mortgage?


The Penny Hoarder 10/14/19

HUD Good Neighbor Next Door Program


The Boston Globe  10/1/19

Mortgage programs help buyers of fixer-uppers


Forbes 8/31/19

How Millennials are revolutionizing the home buying process


Pennsylvania Realtors Association 8/28/16

What to expect of the housing market in 2020


Fox 4 News, Dallas 8/20/19

How the rules for Dallas Forth Worth homebuyers have changed


Dallas Business Journal 8/19/19

How the rules for Dallas Forth Worth homebuyers have changed