Housing Finance 2020

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Release Date: June 28, 2019
Published by: Housing 2020 Publishing
Pages: 300
ISBN13: 978-0578209913


Axiom Business Book Award Winner!

Silver Medalist in Personal Finance, Retirement Planning and Investing

Housing Finance 2020 is everything you need in one book for you to buy a home.  Packed with infographics and relatable examples, you'll learn how to estimate your qualified mortgage potential, and exactly what steps and verification documents are required by lenders for each type of mortgage program.

Chapter 1, "Ten ways to cover your down payment" includes infographics and scenarios about grants, and a full range or down payment assistance options, such as zero-percent or "forgivable" loans.  You'll learn how to finance a home with an "over the top" mortgage that bundles in all your closing costs and down payment funds. If you are willing to do a little work, the book shows you how to use "sweat equity" and buy a home with little or no cash in exchange for completing property repairs.

The mystery of credit scores are explained, and chapters such as "new additions to income," and "new subtractions from debt" offer good news regarding student loan debt and self-employed borrowers.  For those looking for a "fixer-upper" or an "energy-efficient" home, or want to learn more about construction loans, manufactured homes-- this book has everything you need to be a homeowner!

Housing Finance 2020 features a 50-state resource directory of over 900 sources of grants and down payment assistance from state and local housing partnership agencies. 

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“An intricate and honest book that gives profound and groundbreaking first-hand information on housing finance. Housing Finance 2020 is one of the best guide books that I’ve ever read so far.” --GoodReads


“If not for this book, I might still have been completely clueless about the bits of information that need to be known by everyone regarding housing finance. This is a masterpiece… a diamond in the rough waiting to be unearthed by those who need guidance in owning their own house in the future.” --GoodReads


"This book was downright remarkable. It stands great on its own, and it’s informative enough, there’s no question to that. The least I could do is highly recommend this book to everyone, and hope for the best. This is good!" --GoodReads


“Housing Finance 2020 is a well-thought-out book that offers way more than what you’d expect from a book. For starters, you’d expect this book to be plain informative, but wait until you get to the step-by-step instructions that are in the middle part of the book. You’ll see how this book is a cut above most books that offer identical stuff like it. While others can be incredibly informative, this book is exceedingly practical. It’s like a book that demonstrates what the readers need to be well-apprised of. This book delves into housing finance from which homebuying, mortgages, credit scores, loans, and everything in between are explained, along with the inclusion of how each of them works. There are lots of information in this book that any reader would really be enthused to devour. Moreover, the book discloses the sources from which the author referenced which prove how credible the information in it are. And I love it when a book proves its credibility every often. This book never disappoints. I had a great experience with it.” --GoodReads


“A profound and easy-to-read guidebook in the mortgage industry. Housing Finance 2020 is by far the most complete guidebook that I’ve ever read about housing finance. The quality of the information is stunning and the authenticity of the book is seriously unquestionable. Anna DeSimone is a great author and someone who surely knows her stuff.” --GoodReads


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Release Date: July 19, 2019
Published by: BookBaby
Pages: 296
ISBN13: 978-0-578-20992-0

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Axiom Business Book Awards, Silver Medalist in Personal Finance, Retirement Planning and Investing