New Book

Available April 1, 2020

Welcome to the Agrihood – Housing, Shopping and Gardening for a Farm-to-Table Lifestyle








Welcome to the Agrihood takes readers on a virtual tour of agrihood communities across America. Packed with illustrations, beautiful photos, and at-home gardening guides, you’ll learn about organic gardening certification, sustainable agriculture, the latest innovations in urban ag, and how buying food from your local farmer is nutritious, preserves our farmland, and reduces your carbon footprint. 

What’s included:

  • The Local Food Sensation
  • Say Hello to Your Farmer
  • Urban Agriculture
  • Agrihoods
  • Backyard Farming
  • Community-Supported Agriculture (CSAs)
  • On-Farm Stores
  • Food Hubs

National resource directory includes descriptions of agrihoods, and over 2,200 farms where you can shop for fresh, sustainably grown food

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