Live in a Home that Pays You Back


A Complete Guide to Net Zero and Energy-efficient Homes. 

Life in a Home that Pays You Back lights the way for enjoying a home that is healthier, more comfortable, saves money, and reduces your carbon footprint. Whether you are planning to build, buy, or retrofit a home, this book takes you on a virtual tour of the home of the future. 

You'll have fun exploring the world of renewable energy, such as solar photovoltaics, wind power, geothermal energy, hydro-electric power, and biomass fuels. You'll learn how "positive energy" puts money in your pocket through incentives such as net metering, net billing, or renewable energy certificates--a tradable commodity with cash value.

The path to zero can be taken in small steps. This book prepares you and your household to make informed decisions for implementing energy-efficient technologies according to your needs and budget. And you'll enjoy many kinds of payback....every step of the way.

Featuring the revolutionary Net Zero and Zero Energy Ready homes available throughout the United States and Canada. 

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What's Included:

Why Invest in an Energy-efficient Home?

Whole-house Efficiency Blueprint 

Renewable Energy

Net Zero and Energy-Rated Homes   

Energy Assessments and Scores

Home Building Opportunities

Healthy Homes 

Mortgage Financing 

Financial Payback and True Cost of Home Ownership

Directory of Rebates and Incentives by U.S. State and Canadian Province




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