Welcome to the Agrihood

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Release Date: April 28, 2020
Published by: Housing 2020 Publishing
Pages: 215
ISBN13: 978-0-578-56158-5



"DeSimone leads the charge on bringing the agrihood to you. For the sustainability-seeking, fresh produce, home-grown gardeners, or for anyone who loves food (so everyone), this book is groundbreaking.  Literally.” --Ali Hurley, Triangle Gardener

Winner of two national book awards, Welcome to the Agrihood has something for everyone--new homebuyers, city-dwellers, and home gardeners.

LIVE in an agrihood, an eco-friendly, healthy-lifestyle community centered around a professionally managed farm. This book takes you through a virtual tour of agrihoods—known for beautiful, sustainably built homes with endless amenities such as charter K-12 schools, clubhouses, fitness centers, boating, golf, horseback riding, swimming, walking, hiking, and biking trails.

GROW your own organic food with helpful tips, planting guides, and valuable resources. Learn about organic certification, food safety, bees, biodiversity, composting, how far food travels, and how shopping locally reduces your carbon footprint.

SHOP from the “farmer you know,” and learn the story behind your food. This book describes options for buying fresh, sustainably sourced food from on-farm markets, food hubs, and community-supported agriculture (CSA) season-long farm share programs.

What's included:
• The Local Food Sensation
• Say Hello to Your Farmer
• Urban Agriculture
• Agrihoods
• Backyard Farming
• Community-Supported Agriculture (CSAs)
• On-Farm Stores
• Food Hubs

National resource directory includes descriptions of agrihoods, and over 2,200 farms where you can shop for fresh, sustainably grown food.

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Winner of two national book awards

What people are saying...

"An enjoyable read structured for an easy understanding and navigation of next level food sustainability issues that are sure to beset communities. This was a perfectly timed introduction for neighborhoods venturing into community gardening and resourcing meals and prep without considering commercial offerings. This book should be a staple in every home and a valuable tool in managing family diets, meal and health planning as COVID19 challenges our usual grocery retailers."  --Tina Parker, BookSeller

"I was really excited to win this book as part of a Goodreads giveaway, and I was not disappointed. Not only is this book full of important, current information, but it's also contains invaluable resources. The resources! The resources alone are worth 5 stars, but it is so very well presented and laid out. I finished it feeling inspired, but also well equipped to be a better food manager for my own family and home. Me and my local farmer's market are going to become the best of friends thanks to this book. While living in an actual Agrihood is not for me, I can make my own neighborhood a more farmer supported place and improve my own carbon footprint."  --GoodReads

"This is a FABULOUS book for anyone who is into CSAs like I am --- it explains how the philosophy of Agrihood works and gives great advice, history and just about everything that you would like to know about a Farm-to-table lifestyle.  ....  A great read - an incredible book - it will keep you enthralled for hours if not days...I am so glad that I bought it."  --GoodReads

"This book has something for everyone....from the home gardener to the farmer....everyone who works so hard to produce quality food for eating, cooking, planting, and selling. Across America food can be more affordable and available through many sources listed in this book. Highly recommended!  --GoodReads


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