Book Reviews

Book Reviews

Welcome to the Agrihood


Civil Eats 2020 Holiday Food and Farming Holiday Book Gift Guide:

“Anna DeSimone’s Welcome to the Agrihood offers a starting point for anyone who’s ever stared at a carrot in the supermarket and wondered about the story behind it.” read more



Triangle Gardener

“For the sustainability-seeking, fresh produce, home-grown gardeners, or for anyone who loves food (so everyone), this book is groundbreaking.  Literally.”  read more


The Environmental Magazine

“Anna DeSimone explains all the ways that sustainably sourced, locally grown food is healthier, preserves farmland, and lowers your carbon footprint.”


Washington Gardener  

“DeSimone teaches readers how to house, shop, and garden for a farm-to-table lifestyle in her new book.”


Housing Finance 2020


This book is a must for anyone with home finance questions. DeSimone starts from the top–securing a down payment–and works her way through everything from what constitutes qualifying income to submitting the loan application. read more   


“This book is a must for home finance questions. Mystified by mortgages? Are you baffled by lending rules and regulations? Concerned about covering closing costs and saving cash? A book entitled Housing Finance 2020 written by Anna DeSimone has all the answers.” read more


Author Anna DeSimone knows a thing or two about buying a home….she’s comfortable explaining the intricacies of mortgages and homebuying in a way that simplifies an otherwise complex field.” 


“Housing Finance 2020, Written by Industry Expert, is the Ultimate Guide for New Homebuyers.”  read more.


Hipoteca 2020


“Pueden compradores de vivienda beneficiarse al buscar una hipoteca.”

read more (in Spanish)